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wes bond owner of bean loved

A Passion for Coffee in Every Cup

Did you know it’s been 16 years since Bean Loved first opened its doors by father and son duo – Steve and Wes Bond? As Skipton’s first speciality coffee shop serving delicious drinks and locally sourced, quality food; we are still welcoming new and returning visitors.

Here, Bean Loved owner, Wes Bond, gives us an insight of what business has been like in the last 16 years.

“We are not just a coffee shop – we are a hospitality business. We never forget the importance of connecting with people and making them feel valued,”

“Looking at our business today compared to pre-pandemic for example, we’ve adapted dramatically. The shift in our service style alone has made a significant impact. We used to operate as a counter-service coffee bar, but we had to adapt – and it’s actually been a change for the better. We are constantly challenging ourselves to find areas for improvement and make little tweaks to enhance the customer experience even more.”

What’s Ahead?

Wes explains business plans for Bean Loved. He said: “Looking to the future, we have big aspirations for growth. We want to change the setup of our bar and have been in discussions with designers about a potential new layout. We’ve discovered our strength in our takeaway service, and we’ll continue to offer that alongside our dine-in experience.

“We will also aim to have a stronger presence at local events, bringing our homemade products to the high street. Supporting local businesses is and has always been essential for us; we source our ingredients locally and collaborate with others to create unique events like beer and coffee tastings.”

Business Challenges

Aside from the pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis and energy price increases have led to challenges for Bean Loved. As Wes explains: “During these challenging months we’ve had to reflect, go back to basics, and closely examine our margins. But our passion for what we do remains strong, and we never compromise on quality, even in the face of a 25 per cent price rise in coffee over the past year.”

Our Customers Are Key

“Our regular customers play a crucial role in our growth,” Wes continues. “Their feedback is invaluable, and they have a sense of ownership when it comes to Bean Loved. Most recently, input from our customers has led us to explore new dishes on our menu, and we will always continue to ramp-up our offering and surpassing expectations. We now offer pancakes all day for example, because our customers spoke, and we listened. Despite challenges like rising costs, our commitment to quality remains unwavering.”

Supporting Skipton

“As a business deeply embedded in the community, we believe in the importance of belonging and supporting like-minded businesses. We employ local people and have become an integral part of Skipton.

“We strive to be the local coffee shop where people feel welcome and comfortable. Our goal is to create a unique food experience and ensure that every customer, regular or new, leaves feeling better than when they arrived.

Wes concluded: “At Bean Loved, it’s not just about coffee; it’s about creating a welcoming and exceptional hospitality experience for every person who walks through our doors.

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