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Penny McAvoy; our assistant manager Bean Loved Coffee

Meet Penny McAvoy: The Heart and Soul Behind Bean Loved in Skipton

If you’ve ever stepped foot into Bean Loved, chances are you’ve been greeted by the warm smile and infectious energy of Penny McAvoy; our assistant manager who adds an extra sprinkle of magic to your coffee experience.

So why not spend five minutes with Penny here, as she tells us about her journey to Bean Loved, her role, and what makes this charming coffee shop truly special.

Q: Penny, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: I’m Penny McAvoy, currently 29 years old – turning 30 this June! I’m originally from Surrey, I’ve also lived in Oxfordshire before settling in Northampton. My background is quite eclectic – I achieved a BA degree in acting and spent years performing in local theatre companies before moving into hospitality.

Q: What is your role as Assistant Manager at Bean Loved?

A: As Assistant Manager, I wear many hats! My role involves everything from overseeing daily operations to managing the team and ensuring exceptional customer service. I handle administrative tasks, deal with technical issues, and strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for both our staff and customers.

Q: How did you find Bean Loved?

A: It was a stroke of luck, really! I handed in my CV with Wes Bond – owner of Bean Loved. When a full-time position became available, I jumped at the opportunity. From the moment I walked into Bean Loved and felt the vibrant atmosphere, I knew it was the perfect fit for me.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you at work?

A: Every day is different, which is what keeps things exciting! I start my day by checking in with the team, handling any administrative tasks, and ensuring everything is running smoothly in the kitchen, behind the bar and on the floor. A catch up with our regulars is always a must; chatting and getting to know our customers is one of my favourite parts of the job.

Q: What else do you love about working here?

A: Hands down, it’s the customers. I thrive on building connections and making people smile. Bean Loved isn’t just a coffee shop – it’s a community hub where people come together, and being a part of that is incredibly rewarding. I have a passion for coffee and customer service, alongside my acting skills and training – the shop floor is like my stage.

Q: Describe Bean Loved in three words.

A: I would have to say community, ambitious, and innovative. We’re constantly pushing boundaries and finding new ways to enhance the customer experience from the moment you walk through the door.

Q: What’s your favourite drink to make at Bean Loved?

A: That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say a beautifully crafted latte. I love showcasing my barista skills and adding a touch of latte art to brighten someone’s day.

Q: What makes Bean Loved stand out from other coffee shops?

A: It’s all about the people and the atmosphere. There’s a sense of warmth and camaraderie that you won’t find anywhere else.

Q: Any memorable moments or interactions with customers that stand out to you?

A: Oh, there are so many! One of the joys of working here is getting to know our regulars on a personal level. Whether it’s sharing a joke or learning about their lives, these interactions make every day special. We know some of our customers like family and have held hands through some significant life events – happy times and also some sad times. I feel privileged our customers trust us; and we are a shoulder and an ear if they need us.

Q: What are your aspirations for the future?

A: I’m incredibly passionate about coffee and hospitality, so I hope to continue growing and learning in this field. My goal is to keep pushing boundaries, both personally and professionally, and to make a positive impact on people. Wes is a wonderful boss and invests in staff training – which is how I have achieved my SCA Barista qualifications, and I am eager to continue to learn as my career progresses.