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summer smoothies

Discover Our Delicious Seasonal Flavours

We have a real treat for your tastebuds here at Bean Loved. To celebrate the summer season – which has been rather wet so far – we have developed and added an array of new flavours to our drinks’ menu.  

Whilst we cherish our classics at Bean Loved, we like to cater to the evolving preferences of our lovely customers.

Introducing our new selection of iced drinks to our menu; which include Frappes, Iced Tea and Smoothies.  

Our new smoothie options include Pretty Green, Tropical Twist and Berry Breeze. With Cookies & Cream, Hazelnut Blondie, Strawberries & Cream and Mint Choc Chip Frappes, alongside our extensive Iced Tea options, it’s no wonder they are flying out the door!  

A Dash of Curiosity and Inspiration  

Creativity has always fuelled our passion for crafting unique beverages. The introduction of these new flavours stems from our desire to surprise and delight our loyal customers and newcomers alike. We continually experiment with fresh drink ideas throughout the year, drawing inspiration from our experiences far and wide. Whether it’s a taste we’ve savoured during our travels or a quirky combination we’ve dreamt up, every flavour has been carefully crafted with love and attention. 

Available for a limited time…but with infinite possibilities   

These delightful concoctions will grace our menu until the end of August, and some may linger longer if they capture the hearts of our beloved customers. So, be sure to savour them before they bid adieu; for who knows which one will become a permanent fixture at Bean Loved! 

The Freedom of Choice 

Sit in or takeaway, at Bean Loved, we understand that our customers’ preferences vary as much as the flavours we offer. As always, you have the freedom to enjoy these new beverages at our relaxed café surroundings, or grab them to-go.  

Remember, the clock is ticking, and these flavours will bid farewell soon; so, come on down and let us take you on a journey of taste, only at Bean Loved! 

Why not try at home? 

Want to make one of popular Berry Breeze smoothies at home? 

Owner of Bean Loved, Wes Bond, explains his inspiration for this new creation. He said:

“I recently tried a smoothie bowl for breakfast which was made using overnight oats soaked in Acai and oat milk, topped with a generous helping of fresh fruit, granola and chia seeds. This was a delicious breakfast alternative for me, and so I had to try it out as a smoothie!”  

Berry Breeze smoothie recipe

Berry Breeze Smoothie Recipe

Acai is the secret ingredient in this exotic smoothie – a tropical berry rich in antioxidants, fibre and healthy fats, Acai flavour is rich and earthy with notes of blackberries and dark chocolate.


  • 40g frozen Blueberries 
  • 50g frozen Strawberries 
  • 30g frozen Banana 
  • 200ml Oat Milk (All other milks work just as well) 
  • 30g Acai Puree 

The following recipe serves one.  

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