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Local Love: bringing the best in our region to your plate 

It’s no big secret that we are a community-driven business here at Bean Loved. We like to think we’re not just a coffee shop, but we are a warm and friendly retreat for visitors to come and enjoy delicious food and drink in relaxing surroundings.  

We’ve welcomed locals and visitors to our little coffee haven for the last 16 years by crafting a unique experience that keeps visitors coming back for more.  

What’s the secret behind our success? We believe our unwavering commitment to using only the freshest locally sourced ingredients in every dish and cup of delicious coffee we serve speaks for itself.  

It’s not just about what we serve, it’s about where it comes from.  

The Heart of our Ingredients 

Our kitchen is the heart of our operation. Headed-up by Oliver Greenwood, our talented and innovative head chef, we transform our locally sourced ingredients into delicious dishes and bespoke beverages. From breakfast to brunch and lunch, we take pride in serving only the very best, creative and flavoursome food. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the incredible local suppliers we are proud to work with; 

Darkwoods Coffee

At the core of our coffee experience is Darkwoods, a local roaster based in Huddersfield that has crafted a bespoke espresso blend exclusively for Bean Loved. Together we developed a rich combination of complex flavours that coffee lovers adore. Prefer decaf? We turn to Rounton Coffee Roasters for our decaffeinated options. Their award-winning Sparkling Water Decaf blend ensures our decaf drinkers enjoy the same quality and taste. 

Drake & Macefield butchers

Quality matters when it comes to our meat and poultry. That’s why we source it all from the family-owned butchers’ shop, right here in Skipton. Their commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with ours.

Class One fruit and veg

Freshness is paramount to us. Skipton-based Class One deliver the finest produce to our door, ensuring our dishes burst with flavour and nutrition. 

Bakeri Baltzersen

From multigrain bloomers to focaccia and brioche buns, this Harrogate-based bakery supplies us with freshly baked bread every day. The aroma of their artisanal creations is something our customers can’t resist – and neither can we! 

Served to you, with Love  

Each cup of delicious coffee made at our bar, and every freshly prepared dish that leaves our kitchen is made in-house and served to our customers, with love. Our talented team pour their passion into every cup and plate; taking pride in crafting coffee and food to delight your senses. 

Bean Loved is a celebration of flavours and community spirit. Every visit is a taste of Yorkshire’s finest – a testament to the talent of our local producers, and a reminder of the dedication and passion that goes into every dish we make!   

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